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Ken Waterman


Ken grew up around music from an early age.  With a grandfather and two uncles who played music, he surprisingly didn't discover his passion until age 15 when he sang for the first time with his uncle's band.  He went on with his uncles to form a band at age 22, and the Ken Waterman Band was born.  Although he loves to sing, he also plays drums and the acoustic guitar.

H Chuck Frueauff


At age 11 or 12 H Chuck Frueauff was given a Sears Acoustic guitar from his

granny’s attic. It had a great tone though it was hardly tunable or playable. He just thought it sounded cool and got him hooked on the spot. It didn’t take long for him to get into the “electrics” and learn to play real stuff, mostly by listening to recordings (by ear) and friends and others in the neighborhood who played. Real lessons were few, and he says he wasn’t patient enough! His influences and styles are many. 50’s through Woodstock and beyond covers such a fantastic variety of music for listening and playing. He has enjoyed multiple trips to Nashville and gained great perspective and inspiration. You hear and meet the best there and see how it’s done. Playing music is a continuous process. You meet many interesting people and establish some good long lasting friendships. Who would not like that?

Tim Waterman


Tim Waterman is a self taught guitar player since the age of 12.  He has had the opportunity over the years to play in many bands with his friends and family, even enjoying jam sessions in the basement of his family home as a child with his father.  He has played with H Chuck Frueauff for over 30 years, and together they helped form the Ken Waterman Band along with brother Terry and nephew Ken.  He also appreciates the fact that his wife Chris has supported his band habit for 36 years.

Terry Waterman


Terry Waterman is a self-taught guitar player who learned to play by ear on his dad's acoustic guitar and his Electric Flying V, which was formerly owned by Lonnie Mack. Terry began performing professionally at 14 on a 1966 Fender Stratocaster with his great friend and keyboard player/vocalist Art Valentino in such venues as the Beverly Hills Supper Club, The Lookout House, Johnson's Party Boat, and other nightclubs they weren't old enough to be in. Over the years he has remained a Strat player, heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He has formed other bands, including the Waterman Project and the TW Allstars. Terry is a passionate player who puts great emphasis on feeling the music and prefers creating unique leads while staying within the foundation of the songs. Terry has been fortunate enough to play in his TW Allstars Band over the years alongside some extremely talented musicians with very different musical backgrounds, such as former Kool and the Gang drummer Jj Yates, vocalist/drummer Joe Clooney, cellist/vocalist/songwriter Michael G. Ronstadt, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Josh Heisel, vocalist Bruno Walsh, drummer John Phillips of the John Erwin Band, and vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Doug McComas of Stone Mountain Mafia. Terry feels he has learned something musically from all of these musicians, while gaining lasting friendships.

Phil Godsey


Phil Godsey has been drumming since the age of 7.  In 1978 he was featured on the WEBN album project #3 with Fast Annie.  He was also on WTUE album #6 with Hot Cargo.  Phil is a studio musician as well as percussionist, and has been on the road multiple times.  He has played with the Ken Waterman Band for the last 7 years.

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